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Accelerate Conference 2017

Join Us at the 2017 Tax Resolution West Coast Conference on Tuesday, June 20th for the Opening Sessions

Accelerate Conferences 10th Anniversary Event
June 20 – 22, 2017 | Planet Hollywood | Las Vegas
This special 3 day conference features industry thought leaders, marketing, pricing, and operational experts to help you NOT do it the same as last year.
Get up to 21 hours of CPE, and get on with running a more profitable business!

Stop Losing Money!

Tired of Bailing Out Your Clients and
Not getting Paid for it?

You need to attend this event.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and you’ll quickly learn the skills you need to stop giving your work away! IRS communications and audits are on the rise – the problem is our clients rely on us to keep them out of trouble, AND they believe this should be included with their tax prep fees.

Prevent the IRS from Draining Your Profits!
  • We’ll show you how to handle the IRS with ease, and erase your clients tax problems.
  • Client got a notice? No problem! Learn how to quickly and automatically fix this problem – so you can get back to the paying stuff!

Focused on Solving IRS problems Fast

While Sealing Up the Profit Leaks
in Your Tax Business

Learn easy ways to get paid for all the things you hate charging for! You won’t learn these strategies anywhere else – don’t miss it! For the first time ever, we are hosting a West Coast Conference focused on solving IRS problems fast, getting quick answers to those pesky questions, and getting back to your life.

Learn From the Industry’s Top Insiders
  • Finally get paid for all the things you hate charging for
  • Hear straight from behind the scenes at the IRS from former collection and revenue officers


Tuesday, June 20th Summit and Conference Opening
Don’t Miss These Sessions Located in the Melrose 4 Room!
8:45am-9:35am Melrose 4 Dealing with the IRS – This is easy: I can do that for my clients (and get paid)!
9:45am-10:35am Melrose 4 Your Client Finally Calls You – Dealing with the Dreaded IRS Levy: Getting the wake-up call from the IRS
10:50am-11:40am Melrose 4 Real Case Studies: This #$*!! Really works: Part I
1:00pm-1:50pm Melrose 4 The big scary IRS officer or just a wolf in sheep’s clothing: Pricing – Part I
2:00pm-2:50pm Melrose 4 The big scary IRS officer or just a wolf in sheep’s clothing: Pricing – Part 2
3:00pm-3:50pm Melrose 4 Real Case Studies: This #$*!! Really works: Part II
7:50AM -8:10AM Celebrity 4 Opening Remarks and Introductions
8:10AM -9:10AM Celebrity 4 Keynote – Raising the BAR through Intentionality
9:10AM -10:10AM Celebrity 4 Randy Johnston & David Cieslak – A Technology Shootout
10:10AM Celebrity 6-8 BREAK IN EXHIBIT HALL
10:45AM -11:35AM Melrose 1-2 Transitioning Your Practice – Buy, Sell, Merge or Stay?
10:45AM -11:35AM Melrose 3 Show Me the Money!
10:45AM -11:35AM Melrose 4 The CPA Firm of NOW!
10:45AM -11:35AM Celebrity 5 Top 10 Reasons to Automate your Tax Practice
11:45AM -1:00PM Celebrity 6-8 LUNCH IN EXHIBIT HALL
1:00PM -1:50PM Melrose 1-2 Large Firm Roundtable
1:00PM -1:50PM Melrose 3 Marketing – Beyond Referrals: Practical Growth Marketing
1:00PM -1:50PM Melrose 4 How to Build Team Dynamics
1:00PM -1:50PM Celebrity 5 Technology – Panel Discussion
2:00PM -2:50PM Melrose 1-2 Paperless Improved: Capturing Your Documents
2:00PM -2:50PM Melrose 3 5 Sneak Peek Strategies for a Superior Tax Season
2:00PM -2:50PM Melrose 4 Geni Whitehouse
2:50PM Celebrity 6-8 BREAK IN EXHIBIT HALL
3:15PM -4:05PM Melrose 1-2 Profitability Improvement Tactics – A Deeper Dive
3:15PM -4:05PM Melrose 3 David Cieslak – IT Security
3:15PM -4:05PM Celebrity 5 Marketing – Panel Discussion
4:15PM -4:45PM Celebrity 4 Practice Management – How To Create and Maintain a Successful Firm
4:45PM-5:40PM Celebrity 4 Keynote – Your Clients’ Technology Demands Are Changing, Are you Delivering?
5:45PM-6:45PM Celebrity 6-8 Exhibit Hall – Round Table Discussion Event – Visit a table of your choice!

7:45AM -8:15AM Celebrity 4 Keynote – Focus on Execution – Get ‘er Done
8:15AM -9:05AM Celebrity 4 Keynote – Dominique Molina
9:05AM -10:00AM Celebrity 4 Keynote – Better Rhythm, Bigger Life
10:15AM Celebrity 4 Special Announcement from Mike Giardina
10:30AM Celebrity 6-8 BREAK IN EXHIBIT HALL
11:00AM -11:50PM Melrose 1-2 4 Things to Know About Perfect Workflow
11:00AM -11:50PM Melrose 4 Do More, Faster – Better planning produces greater results.
1:00AM -11:50PM Celebrity 5 Practice Management – Panel Discussion
12:00PM -1:15PM Celebrity 6-8 Lunch, our BIG giveaways and Closing Remarks – Last chance to connect with Vendors!
1:15PM -2:05PM Melrose 3 Round Table Discussion
1:15PM -2:05PM Celebrity 4 WorkSpace Round Table Discussion – Projects, Workflow and Time & Billing
2:05PM -2:55PM Melrose 3 TBD
2:05PM -2:55PM Celebrity 4 General Round Table Discussion – Covering All Topics
2:55PM -3:45PM Celebrity 4 OfficeTools User Panel Discussion

Session Highlights:

  • Learn secrets of working with the IRS to get your clients caught up, cleaned up, and straightened up.
  • Hear from industry experts what others are charging for this work and how to get paid without invoicing hassles, timesheets, or client complaints.
  • Examine real world cases so you can roll up your sleeves, practice your new skills and learn how to actually implement this in your own company.
  • Find out how the notice and audit system really operates and get fast answers to handle issues quickly and automated – some things don’t even require your attention! And much, much more!

Jassen Bowman

An Enrolled Agent that spent eight years exclusively representing tax debtors. He has presented over 200 live seminars and webinars to CPAs, EAs, and attorneys on the subjects of IRS Collections representation, practice management, and growing a tax firm. He is the author of several books, including Tax Resolution Secrets for Consumers and Tax Resolution Systems, a checklist manual for practitioners.

Eva Rosenberg

Known as the Internet’s TaxMama®, founder of the popular TaxMama®.com website. As Dean of TaxMama®’s Online Enrolled Agent Review Course, Eva is training a new breed of tax professionals to pass the annual Internal Revenue Service license examinations. TaxMama®’s tax professionals learn to understand and serve small businesses and accounting firms. TaxMama® is the award-winning author of Small Business Taxes Made Easy, published by McGraw-Hill and Deduct Everything! published by Humanix.

David Stone
EA CTC, IRS Solutions
After 12 years doing all the jobs at the IRS that no one else wanted, including working the Offer in Compromise desk, and training Revenue Officers, David Stone was tired of watching taxpayers getting taken advantage of by the IRS. David decided to switch sides and start helping train taxpayers how to deal with the IRS. Soon he found that his best referral source was other accountants and attorneys. He realized then that accountants do a great job helping their clients prepare the financial statements, and tax returns, but they were never taught how to deal with the IRS. The second issue was how to be profitable when dealing with the unknown. He now helps clients deal with IRS collections issues and audits other accountants who struggle with the same issues that he’s seen in his decades of practice.

Drew Foster
EA, IRS Solutions
Drew Foster, Co-Founded IRS Solutions, an IRS Tax Resolution Software. As an Enrolled Agent, Drew has helped hundreds of clients navigate the IRS. Drew decided to help give other tax professionals the tools they need to help their clients deal with the IRS. Co-founding IRS Solutions with David Stone, who worked for the IRS for 12 years, they created IRS Solutions Tax Resolution Software.

Dominique Molina
CPA CTC, President, AICTC

Dominique is the President of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners, and was named one of the 40 Most Influential Accountants by CPA Practice Advisor Magazine. She is author of four bestselling books on taxation and has successfully licensed tax professionals as Certified Tax Planners across the country, creating a national network of highly qualified professionals who provide proactive service for their clients.

Package Options

Wise Option 1 - Save over $800!


1 year subscription to IRS Solutions Software (normally $890)
Admission to all 3 Days of this Accelerate Conference in Las Vegas
Up to 21 Hours of CPE (CE for Enrolled Agents)
Pricing Tool Kit
Bonus access to IRS Insiders
Bonus On Demand Video Training
Thrifty Option 2 – Save over $300

$79/mo.and deposit of $444, Plus 30 Days FREE Software then $79/mo

1 year subscription to IRS Solutions Software (normally $1068)
Admission to all 3 Days of this Accelerate Conference in Las Vegas
Up to 21 Hours of CPE (CE for Enrolled Agents)
Pricing Tool Kit
Last Minute Fix – Option 3


Other resource or do it by hand
Admission to all 3 Days of this Accelerate Conference in Las Vegas
Up to 21 Hours of CPE (CE for Enrolled Agents)

Don’t Miss the ONLY west coast Tax Resolution Conference! See you there!