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Tax Preparers: New Clients are at Your Door. What’s Next?

Tax Preparers: New Clients are at Your Door. What’s Next?
August 28, 2017 Judith Cassis
Tax Preparers: New Clients are at Your Door. What’s Next?

Tax Preparers: New Clients are at Your Door. What’s Next?



Whether you are new to the business of tax preparation, or you’ve been filing for years, there’s one thing you can’t deny that clients are the most important aspect of your business. Not just getting clients, but holding onto them.


How do you do that?

Well, one way to keep people coming back is to have a handle on your business operations. Quality work is a good start. Make sure your clients are happy with the results you achieve on their behalf. Not only will this secure your existing relationships but it will also garner more than a few referrals from among the families and friends of those you serve.


Good Customer Service

Having a reliable support system is a big part of building a solid business. But there is one more thing you don’t want to diminish, and that’s the value of good customer service. If you’re disregarding or failing to acknowledge your clients, you’re sending a powerful message.


Value Your Clients

You’re implying you don’t value them – loud and clear. And when clients don’t feel valued, they look elsewhere. Poor customer service is a costly mistake. By the same token, providing good customer service is a valuable investment in your tax preparation business.


Be Efficient

Good customer service means being efficient and making each client feel important. It means performing to their satisfaction. Here are a few tips:


Answer Your Phone

If you can’t answer, hire an answering service or someone who can deal with clients in real time.


Return Calls

When clients call to ask questions or need information, be sure to return the calls; every one of them.


Keep Your Promises

Don’t say you will do something unless you can do it. If you do make an agreement, keep it.


Listen to Clients

Sometimes all your client needs is a sounding board. Lean forward and listen. Take concerns seriously and validate your client’s feelings.


Be Helpful

You might not always be paid for some of the services you provide. Let that be okay. It’s an investment in your relationship.


Beside tax preparation, what services do you provide? Hopefully, you’re relying on more than tax season to line your pockets. If you need ideas, download IRS Solutions Free Pricing Guide. You can start generating year round income tomorrow. Not only will you be able to better serve your existing clientele but you’ll also hear that knock at the door more often.

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