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2023 Tax Resolution Statistics [Infographic]

There are many good reasons to consider adding tax resolution services to your practice. In addition to the satisfaction of helping your clients through a stressful situation, and escaping the high-stress daily grind of tax preparation, tax resolution allows you to add an additional revenue stream beyond annual tax returns and stabilize and grow your ‘off-season’ revenue.   The demand for tax issue resolution is constant and growing, and there are several key trends and tax resolution statistics that will drive a continued demand for tax resolution services.
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Suzanne Stone - author

Suzanne Stone

Managing Partner at IRS Solutions | Tax Resolution Specialist| Enthusiastic Community Leader

Suzanne Stone, Managing Partner at IRS Solutions Software, combines 16 years of expertise in tax resolution with a passion for community service.  She has been pivotal in developing software solutions that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of tax professionals. Beyond her corporate achievements, Suzanne is passionately involved in philanthropy, working with organizations like Soroptimist International and Project Delta. Her efforts in these groups are focused on creating meaningful changes in the lives of women and veterans. Suzanne is committed not just to business success but to fostering a supportive professional community.

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