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Streamline Complex Tax Cases and Elevate Your Expertise in Tax Debt Relief and IRS Negotiations

Specialized software and member benefits tailored to your unique needs, helping you serve more grateful clients in fewer hours than you ever thought was possible.
Tax resolution specialists

Everything You Need to Make a Hard Job Easier

Full-Spectrum Tax Resolution Software and Support.
One Annual Membership Fee. No Add-ons. No Hidden Costs.

As a tax resolution specialist, you tackle a myriad of challenges, from tax debt relief to penalty abatement and even IRS errors. Membership in IRS Solutions equips you with everything you need to do your job and grow your practice – intuitive tax resolution software, 24/7 client transcript monitoring and automated alerts with IRS Advance Notice™ (IAN), convenient transcript downloads, easy-to-understand client reports, and so much more. 

Getting started is fast and easy.

The Go-To Platform for Tax Resolution Specialists

Gain access to an all-encompassing suite of tools designed to launch,
manage, and elevate your tax resolution practice to new heights.


easy irs tax software

The all-in-one IRS Solutions software for tax resolution specialists is 

designed for straightforward, intuitive use from day one.

  • There’s no installation required. The convenient Onboarding Wizard gets everything up and running so you can confidently and swiftly transition existing tax resolution cases and take on new ones right away.
  • Input client information with just a few clicks and easily get calculations and data-informed recommendations for resolutions including Offer In Compromise (OIC), Currently Not Collectible (CNC), and Installment Agreements.
  • Save time when you auto-fill and electronically file IRS forms.
  • IRS Advance Notice™ (IAN) is included with every IRS Solutions membership. This cutting-edge, exclusive feature monitors client transcripts 24/7 and automatically alerts you to changes.
  • Grateful clients will express their appreciation when you know what the IRS is planning and you’re always prepared with a proactive response. Get all the information you need with quick bulk transcript downloads.
  • Stay on schedule with automated reminders and streamline client communications through a custom-branded portal and pre-filled, easily populated documents. 

Continuing education is convenient with IRS Solutions.

  • Learn everything tax resolution specialists need to know to save clients’ money with the IRS. 

  • Frequent online CPE/CE seminars and workshops are included in your membership. 

Free Continuing

White-Glove Member

An investment in IRS Solutions is so much more than a software purchase. It’s a comprehensive membership package backed by real tax resolution specialists just like you. 

  • Got a question? Our expert team is available by phone to offer software support and tax resolution advice during business hours. 
  • Working late? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

  • Trying to figure out a tricky situation? You’ll find expert peer-to-peer support in our Facebook group. 
The exclusive IRS Solutions Marketing Toolbox contains everything you need to attract and engage with potential new clients:
  • Social media content updated regularly

  • Email communications

  • Custom-branded letters

Marketing Toolboxes

Try IRS Solutions® 100% Risk-Free

Membership in IRS Solutions comes with a money-back guarantee. Try the full platform for 60 days – everything we offer, not a pared-down trial version. We are so sure that you’re going to love it that we’ll give you a full refund if you don’t, no questions asked.

Let IRS Solutions Do the Heavy Lifting for You.

What Do Tax Pros Say About IRS Solutions®?

Tax resolution specialists, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, accounting professionals, attorneys
and even ex-IRS agents all praise IRS Solutions.

"The software has saved me hours upon hours of work that I would have been doing manually. I love the software because of its affordability. It allows capacity for me to expand to add additional users as my business will grow in the future."
Kenneth W.
Tax Resolution Specialist

Tax Resolution Software for Professionals

Accomplish more in less time with our comprehensive suite of tools.

Tax Resolution Management

Make managing complex tax resolution cases easy and profitable:

  • Full integration with IRS systems
  • Automatic transcript downloads
  • Solution recommendations
  • Power of Attorney and Tax Information Authorization
  • Bankruptcy discharge date calculation
  • Notifications of changes

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IRS Advance Notice™ (IAN)

Monitor transcript activity and receive advance notification as much as six months ahead of changes:

  • Possible audits
  • Federal tax liens
  • Installment agreement changes
  • OIC activity
  • Delinquent passports

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Client Management

Take better care of more clients with:

  • Custom-branded communications portal
  • Built-in file management system
  • Tax analysis reports
  • Easy-populating, embedded forms
  • Control center reminders


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Invoicing & Payments

Easily manage billing and receivables:

  • Customizable invoicing
  • Track receivables and balances
  • Payment processing

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Growth Solutions & Support

A silent partner who invisibly helps your business thrive every day:

  • Easy onboarding
  • Ongoing training
  • Marketing toolbox
  • Professional development

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Data & Security

IRS Solutions prioritizes your data security:

  • AWS Government Cloud
  • 256-bit AES encryption and TLS 1.2+
  • Continuous backups

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Partnerships and Integrations

We work with the tax industry’s best and have developed a network of partnerships and integrations,
united by a shared commitment to provide cutting-edge resources for tax professionals.

Serve more. Win more. Earn more.

Increase productivity when you partner with an intelligent platform that tells you exactly what each client needs and lays out the best steps for a successful outcome.