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IRS Solutions Software

The Only Tax Resolution System Created by IRS Insiders

Your success is their success.

Our done-for-you system makes solving collection cases easy. With unlimited client cases and a direct line to former IRS agents, this is the most effective solution for dealing with the IRS.

Become an advocate for your clients in minutes with our easy step-by-step instructions. Plus, we provide advertising materials so you can market and grow your business with tax resolution as an additional revenue stream.

Also available in Spanish.

IRS Solutions Software Features:

Fast Onboarding Process:

  • Branding Your Business
  • Convenient Client Portal: Allow your clients to input their 433 themselves
  • Easily Import Client List
  • Safe Document Exchange

Education and Customer Support:

  • Free Monthly Webinars On Resolution
  • Personalized Customer Support From Former IRS Pros
  • Support Resource Library
  • Tax Community With Expert Advice

IRS Form Functionalities:

  • Auto-Populated IRS Form Filling
  • Case Scenarios
  • IRS & Tax Payer Letter Templates
  • IRS Call Discussion Guides
  • IRS Transcript Delivery
  • Letter And Call Templates

Tax Resolution Forms:

  • Business Forms
  • Collection Forms
  • Federal Forms
  • Individual Forms
  • IRS Power of Attorney

IRS Programs and Filing:

  • Currently Not Collectible
  • Installment Agreement
  • Liens and Levies
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

IRS Notices and Responses:

  • CP 2000’s
  • In-Depth Directory And Guidance
  • IRS Notice Letter Templates
  • Step-By-Step Notice Resolution

Tax Resolution Calculations:

  • Guided Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Summaries For Resolution Scenarios

Practice Management Tools:

  • Custom Workflows
  • Email Correspondence With Clients
  • Task Management

Get Access to Monthly Case Study Webinars

Members can join our monthly case study calls, submit your cases, questions or just listen. We run through tips, tricks and software demos, as well as teach classes on IRS Tax Resolution topics.

Don’t refer your clients away!

Use IRS Solutions Software to search and solve the most common IRS collection scenarios your clients will encounter. Find solutions in seconds. We give you the confidence and tools you need to advocate for your clients while building a thriving business with an additional revenue stream.

  • IRS Solutions Software helped me with a case where the client owed over $100k and we were trying to do an offer. I prepared my client to get ready to pay $48k for his offer but with the tips and tricks given inside the software we were able to offer the IRS only $32k and it was accepted!
    I have been doing taxes for a long time and this was my first collection case. Let me tell you this was the easiest thing I have done and in my 8 years of doing taxes, I have never had a client be so appreciative of my services.
    Ps. As an added bonus I was able to charge a fee for my services that was well worth the time!
    Jeff Azar
  • I enjoy using IRS Solutions software because it makes light work of helping taxpayers who are in sideways with the IRS. I especially love how your software populates the forms with information already entered. I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of all of the things that the software will do and track. Also, I attended one of your monthly member case study webinars, and it was a great primer on the topic (Levys). I look forward to attending these even during busy season, they are so packed with great information. Thank you!
    Jaclyn McGuinness, CPAMurphy , TX
  • Thank you for the use of your program IRS Solutions. I’ve mentioned your product and service to various tax professionals who needs a resolution program to assist in their work. I know each has their own preference similar to tax preparation software, but as a former user of a few competitors, yours was a wonderful change for the better - in use, functionality and cost.
    Rick JohnsonFrederick Johnson, Jr., CPA, LLC
  • I used the transcript feature today....very impressed how that worked. Thank you for a great product!
    Rick JohnsonFrederick Johnson, Jr., CPA, LLC
  • We are working with a client who has what we thought was a complicated OIC/installment agreement request. The software made the process very simple and us along with our client are happy with the results. Because the software is so user-friendly and gives us multiple avenues to go down we have greatly decreased the amount of hours needed to analyze and present a case. Thanks.
    Craig Cody, CPAOwner, Craig Cody & Company
  • I had tried other programs but found the IRS solutions to be easy to use. The customer service was great. They answer promptly and walked me through any questions I had. The tools they have incorporated saved me hours of work.
    Debi ClemMeticulous Tax Service

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