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Enrolled Agent Finds Everything He Needs in IRS Solutions

“A lot of the other software out there charges extra for what they call ‘add-ons’, but those ‘add-ons’ are critically important features. It would be like buying a car and finding out that windows and headlights are extra.” – Bruce Hicks, Enrolled Agent

"Having IRS Solutions at my side has increased my representation revenues by over 50% while cutting down the time spent on such projects by almost 30%."
Raymond Sawyer, EA, CTC
Sawyer One Stop Accounting & Tax
"It is easy it is to set up a client, do a POA, and get notifications about any changes to their transcripts. Great tax resolution software. After using the other programs I didn't feel they were as easy to navigate as IRS solutions.
Jeff Hockett, CPA
Hockett Tax
"IRS Solutions Software turns my business to be more professional. Very user-friendly software that contains videos to illustrate any issue you encounter. Truly, I like everything about it."

Eman Ahmed, CPA
Faith Tax & Accounting Servicers
"IRS Solutions Software is excellent for us and is affordable. There have been constant improvements over the time we have used the software making it an even better value."

Chris Thorn, CPA
The Thorn Group
"If I have some issues they are readily available to hear my issues and resolve them. It keeps getting better all the time and they take our feedback as users to make improvements and functionality. It is a top-notch practice management solution that helps me manage my cases with ease and confidence."
John Walters, CPA
LeWalt Consulting Groupe
"I like the ability to have my client's tax transcripts at my fingertips. The program also gives me the ability to see the client's correspondence history with the IRS. When the client tells me they made all their estimates, I can check IRS Solutions to see when the estimates were received by the IRS."
Todd Green, CPA
Green CPA,
"We love the layout of the software and the number of documents we can store. We have a large client load and IRS Solutions has managed it well. We also are very happy that [sensitive content hidden] take such a hands-on approach to making sure their clients are happy."
Jessica Smith, CPA
My Tax Reps
" I was using another software provider and it was overly complex. I used this software for an Offer in Compromise and was impressed with the layout. It was very intuitive and easy to use. Plus, the IRS accepted it first time, so I was very happy with the result."
Jason Mathis, EA
Mathis Tax


Solo Practitioner Thrives with Virtual and Live Support from IRS Solutions

“When my clients see my finished product, and I give it to them to sign, they’re impressed. It shows them that I know what I’m doing.”  – Mike Repoli, CPA

"Exceptional product and super services. IRS Solutions Software is a first-class outfit. I would not consider participating in the tax resolution business without it."
Herb Hasz
Herb Hasz Tax
"I would highly recommend the IRS Solutions team because of their commitment to personal service to their customers and their flexibility in adapting to change."

Dennis L. Thompson
"IRS Solutions Software allows me to have more flexibility in how I help my tax my clients. IRS solutions gives my law firm the ability to consistently prepare forms for clients no matter what the client's situation is."
Jon Dowat, Esq.
Thinking Outside the Box Law, Inc
“Absolutely love the IRS Solutions Software! This is a definite game changer - you can tell that former IRS personnel worked on this, very detailed."

Elva Pflug, CPA
Elva to the Rescue
" IRS Solutions is integral to my firm's operations and profitability. Literally 4 clicks of the mouse and I have statute of limitation dates, abatement eligibility, and more. With another click or two, I have a collection statement."
Chris Goss
The Goss Firm
“The transcript download with IRS Solution Software makes my life easier and there were no additional fees to use it! Thank you for thinking of us in designing this software."

tax software for small accounting firm testimonial
Samantha Singletary
Talkstax Group
" I love how easy it is to use IRS Solutions Software. I love the templates and how easy it is to implement solutions within the client portal. Best of all is the community. Everyone is really supportive and the means everything to me."
Princess Clark-Wendel
Jasmine Rose Financial Services
"The reason I switched from Pitbull is you have to pay for everything. IRS solutions is just one price.

I also felt that you have extra stuff to help me be successful (Marketing Materials, How to Videos, Webinars, etc.) in tax resolution. Pitbull didn’t have as much as you provide."
Dennis Seigfried


Small Accounting Firm Finds IRS Solutions Makes it Easy to do Tax Resolution

“The money that I make from it pays for the subscription and 10 times over, so I keep it and I love it… it’s done most of the work for me and made the process of doing an OIC or any tax resolution service super easy and simple.”  – Antonia Granado, CPA


IRS Solutions Makes Light Work of Helping Taxpayers

“I especially love how the software populates the forms with information already entered. I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of all of the things that the software will do and track. I never miss the monthly member case study webinars, they are so packed with great information. Thank you!” – Jaclyn McGuinness, CPA


IRS Solutions Provides the Assist for a Stress-Free Process

“IRS Solutions has saved me countless hours and has made me at least 15 thousand dollars recently, and for that I am ever so thankful. Keep up the great work guys!” – Raymond Sawyer, EA, CTC
Sawyer One Stop Accounting & Tax

"As an Enrolled Agent with 31 years experience dealing with the IRS, I use the program daily. It is a great value and it has improved my company efficiency in multiple ways. As a Revenue Officer with the IRS, I only wished that I had access to this technology!"
Richard Vorak, EA
Taxpayer Advocate Center LLC

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