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About IRS Solutions

Our Story

Our Story

We created the software to help us save time in our own practice.

After 12 years doing all the jobs at the IRS that no one else wanted, including working the offer in compromise desk, and training Revenue Officers, David Stone was tired of watching taxpayers getting taken advantage of by the IRS. David decided to switch sides and start helping train taxpayers how to deal with the IRS. Soon he found that his best referral source was other accountants and attorneys. He realized then that accountants do a great job helping their clients prepare the financial statements, and tax returns, but they were never taught how to deal with the IRS. The second issue was how to be profitable when dealing with the unknown. Can you train someone else to help you? David hired Drew Foster. He was not an accountant, but had a background in finance and banking. With no tax experience Drew was able to become an Enrolled Agent in a couple years. He now helps clients deal with IRS collections issues and audits. Seeing how inefficient the current software being used was, they quickly realized how much time was being wasted.

IRS Solutions was founded because the other software companies didn’t offer the tools, systems and knowledge that come from actually doing IRS Resolution work.

We created the software to help us save time in our own practice. But why not help other accountants who struggle with the same issues that we did. We knew that software wasn’t the only answer. So we decided to host a monthly case study webinar, where our members can ask questions, submit challenging cases, and see demos of how to use the software.

David Stone, EA
Drew Foster, EA

Our Vision

Our vision is to help accountants and tax pros save time while dealing with the IRS. We are committed to creating and delivering the tools to help tax professionals work more efficiently. Our goal is to help tax pros, become more profitable by giving them the tools to stop wasting time when dealing with the IRS. We stay up on the latest forms and notices the IRS uses for collections and audits. So our members can be confident in front of their clients when facing the IRS.

Our Software

IRS Solutions is a team of former IRS insiders and tax pros. We create solutions for tax pros looking for clear answers to IRS issues. We know how complicated the tax code is. It takes very specific knowledge to identify accurate, timely, information that addresses your situation. We’re professionals who offer professional-grade information and support to other experts. You can get answers and have at your fingertips a library of response forms using IRS Solutions Software. We created our own Offer In Compromise Calculator so tax pros can show their clients roughly what size settlement the IRS will accept. The answers are right here.

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