IRS Solutions vs. Canopy

The choice is simple. For affordability and quality service, IRS Solutions beats Canopy every time.
canopy tax software
canopy tax software

IRS Solutions® and Canopy are not the same.

At IRS Solutions, we take pride in your success. Every member has access to our full suite of tools for one reasonable rate, with no unpleasant supplemental charges. Everything you need to provide the superior client service that will grow your business is included in your membership fee.


Canopy includes only a few of the necessary tools for tax resolution in their base package and charges extra for critical features, dramatically increasing cost. Whose business development are they really dedicated to?

Take a closer look…

Side-by-Side Comparison

IRS Solutions



IRS Solutions is a family owned business and takes pride in its premier customer service. We genuinely believe in building relationships with our clients and one-on-one service is our top priority. Have a case you just can't figure out? We're happy to help.


Canopy is a Venture Capital company.

From First Time Abatement, Currently not Collectable, Offer in Compromise to responding to a notice a client received; All of these are included in your membership.

Collection Cases

Canopy offers collection case management but at a fee of $100 per case paid annually, and with a minimum of 3 cases.

Tax resolution is all that IRS Solutions does. Everything we do is about providing the best platform for tax resolution providers.

Tax Resolution

Tax resolution is far from Canopy's primary focus.

IRS Solutions will automatically check all transcripts you have asked to monitor weekly and whenever you access e-Services. You will receive an alert and/or email notifying you of any changes to your clients' transcripts.


Canopy also offers a way to schedule recurring transcript downloads; however, they do NOT notify you of the changes. They also leave it up to YOU to find the change.

With IRS Solutions, you can easily store client forms, letters, transcripts, and documents. This feature is included with your membership.


Canopy offers a document management system for an additional fee.

The Bottom Line

Understanding Canopy’s pricing structure is harder than trying to grasp the complexity of the tax code. You can’t afford that.

What Do Tax Pros Say About IRS Solutions?

Tax resolution specialists, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, accounting professionals, attorneys
and even ex-IRS agents all praise IRS Solutions.

"Thank you for the use of your program IRS Solutions. I’ve mentioned your product and service to various tax professionals who need a resolution program to assist in their work. I know each has their own preference similar to tax preparation software, but as a former user of a few competitors, yours was a wonderful change for the better - in use, functionality and cost."
enrolled agent
Ahlberg Auna, EA
Owner of Axtax, Inc.

Try IRS Solutions® 100% Risk-Free

Membership in IRS Solutions comes with a money-back guarantee. Try the full platform for 60 days – everything we offer, not a pared-down trial version. We are so sure that you’re going to love it that we’ll give you a full refund if you don’t, no questions asked.

Let us show you how IRS Solutions can transform your tax practice.

Tax Resolution Software for Professionals

Accomplish more in less time with our comprehensive suite of tools.

Tax Resolution Management

Make managing complex tax resolution cases easy and profitable:

  • Full integration with IRS systems
  • Automatic transcript downloads
  • Solution recommendations
  • Power of Attorney and Tax Information Authorization
  • Bankruptcy discharge date calculation
  • Notifications of changes

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IRS Advance Notice™ (IAN)

Monitor transcript activity and receive advance notification as much as six months ahead of changes:

  • Possible audits
  • Federal tax liens
  • Installment agreement changes
  • OIC activity
  • Delinquent passports

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Client Management

Take better care of more clients with:

  • Custom-branded communications portal
  • Built-in file management system
  • Tax analysis reports
  • Easy-populating, embedded forms
  • Control center reminders


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Invoicing & Payments

Easily manage billing and receivables:

  • Customizable invoicing
  • Track receivables and balances
  • Payment processing

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Growth Solutions & Support

A silent partner who invisibly helps your business thrive every day:

  • Easy onboarding
  • Ongoing training
  • Marketing toolbox
  • Professional development

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Data & Security

IRS Solutions prioritizes your data security:

  • AWS Government Cloud
  • 256-bit AES encryption and TLS 1.2+
  • Continuous backups

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The Only Platform Built by Tax Pros for Tax Pros

IRS Solutions team members personally manage numerous real-life resolution cases every year. This keeps us current on tax laws and constantly-changing IRS regulations to ensure that we always offer the best and most innovative resolution software to meet your needs.

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