Data Security

At IRS Solutions, we prioritize data security so you can relax and focus on your practice.
best data security plan for tax preparers
best data security plan for tax preparers

Protect Your Practice and Your Clients with IRS Solutions’ Robust Data Security Features

Industry-leading protection against unauthorized access to your account:

  • Prevents cyber attacks
  • Mitigates fraud risk
  • Reduces the chance of unauthorized account access
  • Increases client confidence

Keeping Your Information Safe

We consider all the risks, so you don’t have to.

AWS Government Cloud

AWS GovCloud is a trusted, secure platform that increases agility and security. IRS Solutions is honored to host your information on the AWS GovCloud. This is the same cloud used by the IRS and Department of Defense.

Two-Factor Authentication

We offer login authentication methods to further protect your account.

Information Back Up

AWS GovCloud makes continuous backups, and the IRS Solutions software backs up nightly, creating a copy of your system data in case of loss or corruption.

Made in USA

IRS Solutions was created in the USA, and the entire team is domestically based. Member information and client data never goes offshore.

Data Security FAQs

All you need is a standard, broadband internet connection. We recommend using Google Chrome, or Firefox browsers. Also works on Microsoft Edge. If you’re using an Apple computer you’ll need to use Google Chrome or Firefox.

First and foremost, we take privacy of our clients very seriously. Protection of taxpayer’s sensitive data is very important. We host the data through Government Amazon Web Servers here in the United States. The data is encrypted, and we use SSL – secure socket layer encryption which gives us the green bar in your browser, and https: so that you know when you have a secure connection. Your project site is password protected and we will not sell or share your information or any data you enter. No one will be able to access your data unless you grant permission.

Over 6,500 U.S. government agencies use the AWS Government Cloud and IRS Solutions was accepted to use this highly secure branch of the cloud. 

In addition, IRS Solutions requires two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging onto our site.

Because your data includes social security numbers and banking information for your clients, for security purposes, we purge all data after 60 days of account cancellation. Prior to cancelling you should export your data and download any forms created.

IRS Solutions Software has the honor of being hosted on the Amazon Web Services Government Cloud (AWS GovCloud). This is a secure platform for government agencies to access the benefits of public and private clouds to further increase agility and security.

AWS GovCloud (US) gives government customers and their partners the flexibility to architect secure cloud solutions that comply with the FedRAMP High baseline; the DOJ’s Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Security Policy; U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR); Export Administration Regulations (EAR); Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG) for Impact Levels 2, 4 and 5; FIPS 140-2; IRS-1075; and other compliance regimes.

AWS GovCloud (US-East) and (US-West) Regions are operated by employees who are U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. AWS GovCloud (US) is only accessible to U.S. entities and root account holders who pass a screening process. Customers must confirm that they will only use a U.S. person (green card holder or citizen as defined by the U.S. Department of State) to manage and access root account keys to these regions.

From Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive patient medical records, and financial data to law enforcement data, export controlled data and other forms of CUI, AWS GovCloud (US) Regions can help customers address compliance at every stage of their cloud journey.

We chose the Government Cloud because it meets all compliance mandates and enables us to adhere to ITAR Regulations, the FedRAMP Requirements, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), DoD (SRG) Impact Levels 2 and 4 and 5, and several other security and compliance requirements. In addition, we are in full compliance with IRS Publication 1075, Tax Information Security Guidelines for Federal, State and Local Agencies. This provides guidance to ensure the policies, practices, controls, and safeguards employed by recipient agencies, agents, or contractors adequately protect the confidentiality of FTI.

In addition, AWS is SOC 1, SOC 2 AND SOC 3 compliant.


Data security plan for tax preparers AWS cloud

IRS Solutions Software is a web-based service. Because we are hosted on the AWS GovCloud (US) it is more secure than having the sensitive data on your desktop. The other plus is that you’ll have access to all of your data anywhere you have the internet.

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA or dual authentication) is a type of multi-factor authentication (MFA) that increases account security by using two methods to verify your identity. Online, 2FA usually refers to a second layer of security on top of a password. The two-step verification of 2FA sometimes feels like a hassle, but it’s crucial for staying safe online. The 2FA involves authenticating yourself in two different ways, which provides significant extra security in a world where personal data is often up for grabs.

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