How to Get Tax Clients Needing Tax Resolution Services

How to Get Tax Clients Needing Tax Resolution Services



As a tax professional, you’re most likely aware that our industry is saturated. But there’s an area screaming for help: tax resolution services. This is one place clients outnumber resources for services.


Good news, right? If only you offered tax resolution. Well, why don’t you? We’ll answer our own question. Working with the IRS on behalf of tax delinquent clients can be a nightmare. That’s why.


We get it. We shuddered at the thought too, until we discovered a system for magnetizing clients and dealing with IRS red tape. Here are 5 ways we transformed our business.


Before you think it’s not worth your time, we’ll tell you we have multiplied our year-round income several times over and we’re doing less work to get it. Making more money doing less work?


Now that we have your attention again….


Build Relationships

The tax preparation industry probably has more introverts than extroverts, don’t you think? Many tax pros would prefer to bury their heads in a pile of numbers than mix and mingle. But a certain amount of mixing and mingling is vital to your business. Prospects need to know you’re out there and then have a little contact with you from time to time in order to remember who you are and what you do.


Get to know people and then maintain those relationships with a call or a monthly newsletter. Discuss tax resolution and let your followers know you will consult with them on what steps to take if they find themselves in that position.


Join a Networking Group

Most cities have networking groups with two main purposes. The first is to connect professionals who can potentially do business with one another. The second is for fellow members to refer each other to their own business and personal networks. Join a category protected networking group so you can have the limelight. There’ll be no competition to contend with.


Gain Access to a Leads List

Did you know you could gain access to a free leads list? Yes, you can. A list of county tax liens is available upon request. Why is this valuable in helping you to magnetize tax resolution clients? Read about the relationship between tax delinquency and federal tax liens on our blog.


Contact and Follow-up

Your database is not for archiving. Once you begin to build your client/prospect lists don’t just let them sit in a file. Make contact. It takes a little effort but it’s easy to do once you develop a system. Email your leads or make personal phone calls. They may not need you now, but trust us; this will pay off many times over. Even if they never need tax resolution services for themselves, everyone knows someone who eventually will. Be there when they start to look for help.


Develop Your Online Presence

If you’re not online, you’re missing out on a lucrative opportunity to magnetize clients. Again we’re talking about visibility. It’s been said that professionals in any industry need to be seen between 9-11 times in order for potential customers to take action. Your online presence will help you be there at the right time and if you post interesting and helpful content you’ll establish your credibility.


Build Trust

If you follow all of the last four suggestions people will trust you and be more comfortable doing business with you. If and when the time arises for tax resolution services, you’ll have their attention. Who wants to point and click when they’re in trouble with the IRS?



So now that you’ve magnetized a healthy client base, what do you do when those frantic calls come from clients needing tax resolution services? Isn’t that something you’ve avoided in the past? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore.


The IRS Solutions system has everything you need to provide tax resolution and other services earning more money in less time. Check out our FREE Pricing Guide. You can begin generating income performing services you’ve offered at no charge up until now. You are trained and you deserve to be compensated. Stick around, we’ll show you the way.


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