5 Ways Tax Resolution Experts Can Grow Their Business

5 Ways Tax Resolution Experts Can Grow Their Business


As tax resolution experts, it’s crucial to continually adapt and evolve in the competitive landscape of the tax industry. Staying ahead requires a combination of innovative strategies and proven methods to expand your client base and enhance your services. In this article, we’ll explore five essential ways that tax resolution experts can grow their business, from embracing digital marketing techniques to building a strong referral network. Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your practice to the next level, these tips will provide valuable insights to help you succeed.


Are you ready to up-level your business? We thought so! That’s why we’re giving you 5 ways to make your tax resolution marketing soar in 2018—leaving everyone else in the dust.


Build a Database

Do you keep track of clients and prospects? By creating a database you can keep their names and contact information in one place and then set up regular contact. There are contact management services that will help you automate email messages and other forms of contact. Mail Chimp is Free, and others start at $20 a month. Find one that works for you and meets your budget and use them.


Know Your Target Market

You can market your tax resolution business until you’re blue in the face and if you’re marketing to the wrong crowd, you’ll be wasting time and energy. Oh, and money.


If you’re not sure who your target clients are, go through your files and dig up past tax returns. Who did business with you? Who are the repeat clients? What are they looking for and with a sea of tax pros to choose from, why did they go with you?


Once you know who they are, think about where you can find more of them. Fishermen fish in ponds they know have fish. Salmon fishermen only fish in waters they know have salmon. Know the profiles of the types of clients you’re looking for and go after them.


Or, you can also lure them into your own pond with the help of social media….


Create a Facebook Group

Do you belong to any Facebook Groups? They are targeted communities where people with common interests gather and interact. Invite your clients and prospects to join and ask questions. Be sure to interact, comment and answer the questions. Suggest that members invite friends.


Exhibit at Tradeshows

If you prefer face-to-face contact, exhibit at tradeshows. You can share your booth space with industry partners if it’s allowed. This will bring the cost down. Local tradeshows are less expensive and will give you local exposure. If you deal with a national clientele, the larger tradeshows will have value.


Give something away. Bowls of chocolates draw people like flies. Once they’re in your space, invite them to enter your drawing for a bigger prize. Then as they are filling out their entry form, give them a gift certificate for a FREE consultation, or invite them to a valuable webinar. Pull them in closer with every move. Build relationships.


Offer an Incentive For Referrals

We built our business on referrals from satisfied clients. When you offer good products and excellent customer service, it’s a no-brainer. Especially when you help clients in need of tax resolution—your satisfied clients will sing praises.


It can help to offer small incentives for referrals. Everybody likes FREEBIES. You can also offer more attractive incentives for referrals that convert (result in income).


What can you offer? A gift card is a great incentive. It’s better than a gift basket or something that might only be attractive to a certain percentage of people. Hype things by doubling the value of the card during a small window of time to encourage swift action taking.


You CAN make your tax resolution business soar. Check out all of the marketing growth solutions included in your membership.

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