Tax Preparers: How to Help Procrastinators

Tax Preparers: How to Help Procrastinators


As tax professionals, we often encounter clients who struggle with procrastination, leaving their tax filing responsibilities until the very last minute. While this can create stress and additional workload for both the clients and their tax preparers, there are proven strategies to help tax procrastinators effectively manage their obligations and minimize the impact of last-minute filings. Guide tax procrastinators toward better planning and organization, ultimately ensuring a smoother tax season for all parties involved. Discover how to turn procrastination into action and provide exceptional support to clients in need of a timely tax filing solution.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if procrastinators put Call Tax Preparer on the top of their T0-Do lists after the 1st of the year? Even if they called right after Super Bowl it would make your job as a tax preparer so much easier.


If you’re like most tax preparers, a handful of your clients are always ready to go early, but there will always be a few who wait until they are overwhelmed and under pressure before they call. They finally hear the clock ticking a couple weeks before April 15th, and panic. Because they’re not sure of how to file they call for help.


Millions of taxpayers do their own taxes and some do a pretty good job, however those who wait until the 11th hour to reach out for help risk losing out on deductions and credits they deserve. Help these procrastinators by getting this message across: you can help them bypass stress, save time, and reduce anxiety by calling you sooner.


There are a few reasons people wait:

  • They think their taxes are not that complicated and they can file on their own.
  • They think it’s a waste of money to hire someone to help them file.


What people don’t realize is missing even one benefit could cost more than the cost of tax preparation. Making an appointment early has HUGE benefits for procrastinators. At the very least it motivates them to get paperwork organized.


The longer a taxpayer wait to file, the more difficult it becomes to catch up. They can also get into deeper trouble with the IRS. Most people are fearful of IRS repercussions. So what do they do? Some act immediately and the procrastinators go to sleep.


Why do taxpayers procrastinate? Wouldn’t it be easier to get things over with? You would think so. A benefit of procrastination is that it helps people avoid an unpleasant task. Eventually however, they must face the music with the IRS.


When it comes to filing taxes, procrastination can be costly. Along with a penalty for failing to file, some tax-delinquent citizens may also end up paying a larger penalty than what’s owed in taxes.


How Can You Help?

You can help clients avoid procrastination by guiding them in making a plan. It begins with asking a simple question:


Are you ready to file? If the answer is yes, suggest they make an appointment and tell them what to bring with them. If no, let them know you can file an extension and help them prepare.


The more involved you are with clients, the more likely they are to check in to your other services. Are you prepared to answer their concerns?

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