Letter 5903: Time is Running Out! e-Service Users Take Heed

Letter 5903: Time is Running Out! e-Service Users Take Heed


For CPAs, tax professionals, and enrolled agents, staying up-to-date with the latest IRS correspondence is essential for providing the best possible service to clients. One such crucial communication is the IRS “Letter 5903,” which carries a vital message for e-Service users. As time is of the essence, it is imperative to pay close attention to this notice and act promptly to avoid any potential issues that may arise.


If you received a Letter 5903, the IRS is urging all tax professionals who received this letter to act now. How do you revalidate?


Online or By Phone

You may revalidate your account either online or by telephone.


To Validate Online:

Step One: Use the secure access authentication process labeled, “Get Transcript Online’s Secure Access.

Step Two: Select “first-time user” and complete the authentication process.


To Validate by Telephone:

Step One: Call the e-Services Help Desk and

Step Two: Provide the Unique Security Code from your letter 5903.


In order to handle the influx of calls, the IRS has additional personnel staffing their Help Desk. That number is: 866-255-0654.

Don’t wait! The IRS reminds letter recipients that failure to take any action will result in the suspension of your e-Services Registration Account.

For more information, please review Important Update about Your e-Services Account.

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