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IRS Solutions Tax Resolution Software

IRS Solutions Software is the perfect tool for Tax Pros to take charge of IRS collection cases, IRS audits, IRS offer in compromise, responding to notices and many other challenging cases. Take Charge Now!

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Tax Resolution Dashboard

No More Shuffling through your folders or opening different programs. We put the information you need at your fingertips with your Tax Resolution Software dashboard, so you look like a pro when talking to the IRS.

Tax Resolution Software Dashboard

Input Data Once

With our Tax Resolution Software, all you have to do is input your clients data and simply choose which form 433 you need. We created the software with you in mind. We save you time and make you look like a pro in the eyes of your client.

Up to Date IRS Forms

We put the right forms at your fingertips so you don’t have to worry. Just enter the clients info once and let IRS Solutions fill in the form. We make sure the forms are up to date. IRS Solutions does the heavy lifting so when a client calls you will be ready.

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Tax Resolution Software Up to date forms

Most accountants are taught how to balance the books, not how to deal with the IRS!
We created IRS Solutions Tax Resolution Software to help accountants deal with the IRS.

David Stone, President at IRS Solutions and Former IRS Revenue Officer

Search IRS CP2000 Notices

IRS Notice Response Tool

Most tax pros we talk to just want to run a smooth and profitable tax practice.  The problem is every time things are going well, The IRS throws a wrench in the plan, and sends a pesky notice to their clients.  Either you get a pit in your stomach and worry that you missed something when preparing the tax return, or the IRS missed something and now you have to explain it to your client and the IRS. Use IRS Solutions Notice Response Tool to search the most common IRS notices your clients receive.


Response Letters! Engagement Letters! And More..

upload logo

IRS Solutions tax resolution software lets you customize your letter templates. Upload your company logo to add a more professional look to your letters.

 Done for you Response Letter Templates

Choose Template

IRS Solutions has pre-loaded response templates, add your own template, or create one on the fly. No more wasting time looking for your letter templates and customizing them for each case. IRS Solutions give you the tools you need to look like a pro!

Quickly fill in the empty fields and generate your letter in less than 30 seconds! Use IRS Solutions Tax Resolution Software, it Saves you time!

IRS Solutions Tax Resolution Software

final pdf

Simply print the letter and send it out to your client. Letters are generated in pdf allowing you to choose how to send it. Email, fax, or mail the letter to your client or the IRS.

Why IRS Solutions?

Your client just got the letter: He’s going to be audited, or he learned the IRS is “helping itself” to the money in his bank account. He wants answers, and fast – but it’s been years since you handled an IRS issue.

We know how the IRS works, and thinks. Our tax resolution software puts the right response and key forms at your fingertips to tackle the messiest IRS issues. As the old joke goes, always pick the lawyer who knows the judge over one who knows the law. The same is true when working with the IRS.

When you need answers, look to the team that knows the IRS inside and out.

Stop the IRS from interrupting your practice and wasting more time.

You will also get access to our monthly member case study call.  The monthly webinar is how we help keep you updated and answer the questions you have been dying to ask.  Whether you are new to IRS collection work or a veteran, IRS Solutions Tax Resolution Software was built to help all tax pros.

However, The program is not for everyone. If you don’t ever deal with the IRS then this program is not for you. This isn’t for accountants who enjoy researching every case on their own in order to learn every detail.

Think about it, what was the last letter that one of your clients received? How does it feel when your client walks in your office or calls frantically because they got a dreaded letter?  For most of us, we either get an empty pit in our stomach, did I make a mistake, and we tend to take on stress because we want to look good in front of our clients. Or we get kind of annoyed that we have to stop everything and deal with another mistake by the IRS, and think to our self I hate the tax man.

Even if you only get one IRS letter every year, the time you will save will pay for the program.We have found that typically on average tax pros have 2-3 clients per year that come in with a letter from the IRS.

The Tax Resolution industry is booming due to the changes the IRS has made in the collection process over the last few years.  Boost your tax practice by offering tax resolution to your clients.  We give you the tools to get the work done. When we built the system we new that it had to have 3 things

It would need to have these three components:

  1. Cost effective – pay for itself if get an IRS letter once every year.  Each letter takes on average 3 -4 hours to respond to, so if you charge 200/hr that is $600-800 per letter.
  2. Be written in language that the IRS and client could understand.
  3. It would need to be dead easy to use – user friendly with quick and easy input

And on top of that we added a monthly case study webinar.  We knew tax pros would need a place to ask questions.  And we offer phone and email support on your first few cases to help you navigate the IRS and get you on track.

Try IRS Solutions now with our 60 day money back guarantee.