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Choosing the Best Client Portal for Accountants

As accounting has evolved from the old ways of paper, pencils, adding machines, and file cabinets to the high-tech methods that are commonplace today, so has the way that tax pros exchange information with their clients. Once upon a time, you depended on clients to bring tall stacks of paper to the office or waited for the arrival of large, expensive packages of printed documents via what we now call snail mail. Of course, clients didn’t consistently deliver on time, and packages were often lost.  Now there’s a better way.   Today, the most efficient practices use a portal to exchange documents and communicate with clients. Choosing the best client portal for accountants can be challenging. The experts at IRS Solutions® are here to help.  


Suzanne Stone - author

Suzanne Stone

Managing Partner at IRS Solutions | Tax Resolution Specialist| Enthusiastic Community Leader

Suzanne Stone, Managing Partner at IRS Solutions Software, combines 16 years of expertise in tax resolution with a passion for community service.  She has been pivotal in developing software solutions that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of tax professionals. Beyond her corporate achievements, Suzanne is passionately involved in philanthropy, working with organizations like Soroptimist International and Project Delta. Her efforts in these groups are focused on creating meaningful changes in the lives of women and veterans. Suzanne is committed not just to business success but to fostering a supportive professional community.

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