How to Improve the Tax Busy Season

How to Improve the Tax Busy Season: A Tax Pro’s Survival Guide


For many CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and other tax professionals, the first part of the year is synonymous with long hours, tight deadlines, and a significant strain on resources. We’ve got good news for you: There’s a better way. The experts at IRS Solutions® are here with innovative strategies and practical solutions to help you thrive throughout the tax season, transforming it from a period of high stress and workload into a time of increased revenue, efficiency, and client satisfaction. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this guide will show you how to improve the tax busy season and turn it into an opportunity for growth.




The Stress of Tax Season

Most tax pros clock 40 to 60 hours per week in the months leading up to April 15, with nearly a third working over 60 hours weekly. Deadlines are always looming. It’s hard to find time to stay up to date on evolving tax laws and regulations. Fatigue and time constraints increase the risk of errors and lead to poor client service. Prolonged hours and an intense work environment affect personal well-being, decrease job satisfaction, and lead to burnout. It’s easy to see how things get so stressful, but tax doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly difficult. Let’s look at how to improve your tax season with strategies and tools that mitigate these challenges, and turn a hectic time of year into a more manageable and potentially profitable period.



Increase Revenue and Reduce Stress to Improve the Busy Tax Season

The change begins with shifting your point of view. Some preparers see tax season as  a time of year requiring immediate filing work. Instead, approach these months as an opportunity for revenue growth and client development. By offering services that extend beyond the basic preparation of tax returns, you can enjoy a more balanced workload and higher income. 


Here are five actionable steps that will make a real difference:

  • Pivot to Tax Resolution Services

Tax resolution is a specialized field that entails guiding clients through complicated tax issues such as negotiations of tax debts, payment of back taxes, and IRS audits. Less widely understood or prominently featured as standard tax preparation, this niche practice offers tax professionals an opportunity for year-round, steady income. Handling these complex cases elevates your status in the eyes of current and potential clients. Tax resolution cases require a higher level of expertise, which leads to increased revenue per case and positions you as an expert in a field where such knowledge is in high demand. As you gain experience in resolving these difficult cases, your marketability expands, opening doors to a broader client base. Adding tax resolution to your practice provides a buffer against the typical fluctuations of the tax season, ensuring a more stable and predictable flow of work and income throughout the year.

  • Partner with a Digital Tax Resolution Platform

Tax resolutions specialists can significantly enhance their service offerings and generate year-round income by supporting their practice with the power of a digital platform. There are numerous options available and it’s critical to do a thorough tax resolution software comparison in order to make an informed choice. Look for a platform like IRS Solutions® that simplifies the management of tax resolution cases with features including solution recommendations (Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, or Currently Not Collectible status), proactive monitoring and automated alerts of IRS activity, and bulk transcript downloads. A custom-branded communications portal and built-in file management system will streamline client interactions and case handling. Opt for a platform that supports marketing for tax professionals with ready-to-use social media posts, emails, and promotional materials to expand your client base. The right platform will improve efficiency and service quality, create a steadier workload, and drive revenue. 

  • Offer Audit Monitoring Services



What if you didn’t have to wait for the IRS to inform you of their next move? IRS Advance Notification™ (IAN) from IRS Solutions is a client service game-changer that peers into the IRS system 24/7, provides detection of IRS actions up to six months before official notification, and allows you to be proactive rather than reactive. This forward-thinking approach not only saves time but also positions you as a vigilant guardian for your clients, which can be a significant differentiator in the marketplace. 


With IAN on the team, you’ll be able to transition tax resolution and preparation clients to annual contracts and then stay in touch with regular updates. A monthly report stating “Happy to report there has been no IRS activity on your account this month” keeps the client engaged and reassured, enhancing trust and loyalty. Ongoing engagement also opens opportunities for conversation about the client’s financial situation, deepening your relationship with them and making them more likely to turn to you for additional services and advice.

  • Enhance Customer Service with Organizational Excellence

The more meticulous you are, the easier it will be to manage  the busy tax season. Create an “organizer” folder for each client, including essential documents like sales letters, the previous year’s information, and a tax preparation checklist. Compare IRS Form 8821 vs IRS Form 2848 to be sure you have the right one on file and in your organizer folder. This system will reduce stress and facilitate more personalized service by placing all relevant information at your fingertips.

  • Keep Getting Better at Your Job

The pros at IRS Solutions know that continuing professional education and training reduces stress during the busy tax season – and at every other time of the year. That’s why we include continuing education classes with every IRS Solutions membership, and at no additional charge.  By having a deeper understanding and staying updated with the latest tax laws and IRS policies, you’ll tackle complex cases with greater confidence and efficiency. Your expertise will reduce the time spent researching or second-guessing decisions under tight deadlines, leading to a smoother workflow. 



Every day, more tax pros are putting these recommendations into action, transforming their practices and turning the busy tax season into a stress-free period of growth and opportunity. You can, too. Schedule a demo with IRS Solutions today. 


David Stone - author

David Stone​​

Helping Accountants Save Time at IRS Solutions​

David Stone, an enrolled agent and founder of IRS Solutions, leverages his comprehensive IRS experience to empower tax professionals in navigating complex tax disputes. A proud alumnus of California State University Northridge, David’s journey began as a Revenue Officer at the IRS, where he embraced diverse roles, including working the lien desk and becoming an Offer in Compromise specialist. His transition from the IRS to founding IRS Solutions Valencia was driven by a vision to simplify tax resolution. David’s ingenuity led to the creation of IRS Solutions Software, embodying his commitment to providing effective tools and sharing his extensive knowledge with professionals in the field. As the bestselling author of “Tax Breaks for the Rich and Famous” and “The Great Tax Escape,” David’s expertise continues to guide business owners and accountants alike.

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