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The Real Truth: A Tax Resolution Software Comparison

Whether you’re a rockstar accountant or a rocket scientist, professional success depends on having the right tools for the job. For modern financial and legal experts whose practices focus on tax resolution, that means an investment in specialty software that will support your work seamlessly, effectively, quickly, and affordably. But, with several products competing for your business, how do you know which offers the best service at the best price?  You’ll probably conduct sector research, looking at IRS Solutions, Canopy, IRSLogics, PitBullTax, and Tax Help Software, making a tax resolution software comparison before committing. This blog post will make that investigation easy for you and – as always! – help you save valuable time that would be better spent elsewhere.  

What sets IRS Solutions apart from other tax resolution software?

When you’re choosing software to support your tax resolution business, the question you want to ask is not whether Canopy, PitBullTax, Tax Help Software, or IRSLogics can get the job done. To differing degrees, they all can. Instead, the question you want to ask is: “How complete is this package, and what will the return on my investment look like?” Each company offers a package that is useful in its own way, but none is as comprehensive as IRS Solutions. There are many critical differences. Let’s look at just a few:   Information Management: At IRS Solutions, we know that tax resolution software has to prevent your business’s information load from turning into information overload. That’s why document, calendar, and task management modules are built into the software and included in your membership.  Canopy and PitBullTax offer these features as well, but as add-ons that require additional fees.   Data Security: The secure storage of personal and business information is a real hot-button issue these days. At IRS Solutions, we take your security seriously. Documents are kept secure through the Amazon Web Services Government Cloud (AWS GovCloud). Our competitor, Tax Help Software, stores data on users’ computers, leaving them vulnerable to hacks, viruses, crashes, and theft.   Marketing Support: Tax resolution specialists typically generate more income in fewer hours of work than their peers, but they still have to work on keeping their businesses visible. That’s why a membership with IRS Solutions is such a great choice. We offer our Marketing Toolkit – a resource available only to our members, that provides social media content, graphics, handbooks, and even template letters you can use with prospective clients. We help you successfully market your business by doing the heavy lifting for you. If you are looking for this feature in other tax resolution software services, we’ll save you some time; you won’t find it.   Training Classes: Deciding on a software package is just the first step. Once you make a choice, you’ll want to get your staff up to speed as quickly as possible. At PitBullTax, that training comes with an additional fee. IRS Solutions provides how-to classes on using our software. We also offer free members-only tax resolution and case study webinars. You’ll also receive continuing education credit for these classes led by experts with the experience needed to answer your questions. IRSLogics doesn’t offer their users any continuing education at all.   Frequently added new features: Because we are a company founded by industry professionals, IRS Solutions offers something that no other tax resolution software company can. We’re plugged into what’s happening at the IRS. Our members benefit from our connections and experience every time they get CPE/CE credits by virtually attending one of our classes or getting the answer to a question on our Facebook group. We don’t just have members. We have relationships with our members. They know they can call, email, and post on Facebook any time to let us know if there are features they would like to add, and then we added them! When we learned about the latest audit monitoring system, we included it in our membership! Now members can be even more proactive in notifying clients of an upcoming audit.  

Make your own tax resolution software pricing comparison.

Pricing is where you’ll notice the most significant differences between the companies that offer tax resolution software options. When you take a moment to do a side-by-side analysis, what you’ll observe is that one company stands out for its generous, all-in-one approach to pricing. IRS Solutions builds everything you need into your monthly membership rate. Other companies take a different approach, charging extra fees for critical services or increasing your charges based on the number of cases you have in the process.   Canopy: Canopy’s pricing is the most complicated on the market. It’s module-based and varies according to which features you select, how many contacts you have, and how many cases you’ll be working on. Their model was not developed and used by tax resolution experts. IRS Solutions uses the app to run its own tax resolution practice. This is why you would feel disconnected between solutions provided by Canopy and the ones provided by us. We are tax experts, not just investors who fund the development of software. IRS Solutions Software is a family-run business operated by former Revenue Officers and Enrolled Agents.   IRSLogics: If access to an easy-to-use client portal and member support is essential to you, IRSLogics probably isn’t your best choice. Unlike IRS Solutions, which makes these features available to all members, at IRSLogics, they are only available to those who opt to pay premium rates.   PitBullTax: We know in tax resolution there are features you can’t work without. Transcripts are one, as well as required forms, state POAs and calculation tools. If we were to charge for each of these items individually, we’d be PitBullTax, but we’re not. We are IRS Solutions, and membership with us includes all of these and more. Many of these A-la-Carte items can cost you up to $35 per user, per month. We eliminate the burden of having to keep adding things to your “cart” when you need them. We have more than 20 state POAs – including New York and California. Let’s save you time and money by giving you what you need to be successful right from the start, and for one membership price.   Tax Help Software: IRS Solutions offers a step-by-step action plan for those resolution cases that you want to move towards Offer in Compromise (OIC) or Currently Not Collectible (CNC). We include engagement letters, pre-filled and editable POA forms, and more, which are part of your membership. Tax Help Software, on the other hand, doesn’t include guidance in these matters, which matter most to our members. Additionally, our free trial is risk-free and we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Check the fine print at Tax Help Software. No free trial. No money-back guarantee.  

Acting on the Results of Your Comparison

You’ve done your homework and have the information you need to take the next step. Now it’s time to enjoy a 30-day trial of IRS Solutions, a tax pro’s best friend. So let’s connect and get you started. Schedule your free demo today.  


Suzanne Stone - author

Suzanne Stone

Managing Partner at IRS Solutions | Tax Resolution Specialist| Enthusiastic Community Leader

Suzanne Stone, Managing Partner at IRS Solutions Software, combines 16 years of expertise in tax resolution with a passion for community service.  She has been pivotal in developing software solutions that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of tax professionals. Beyond her corporate achievements, Suzanne is passionately involved in philanthropy, working with organizations like Soroptimist International and Project Delta. Her efforts in these groups are focused on creating meaningful changes in the lives of women and veterans. Suzanne is committed not just to business success but to fostering a supportive professional community.

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