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IRS Software that Helps Tax Pros Handle Tax Resolution Cases


IRS Software saves tax professionals time and hassle when dealing with the IRS.  Offer in compromise forms are complicated and require specific knowledge to fill them out properly.  And even if you fill them out correctly, you may find you need to start over and file a different 433 series form.  IRS Solutions tax resolution software was created to help accountants feel confident when talking to their clients about IRS issues, and when dealing with the IRS.  Our software was built to save us time and help us train our staff in handling IRS issues.


We wasted hours looking up the IRS allowable standards for each case. And even worse was filling out the seven page 433-a and realizing the client is a candidate for the offer in compromise, and now we had to fill out a 433-a(oic) form from scratch.  Or filling out a 433-a(oic) and switching back to the shorter 433-f to call ACS.


When we created the software these issues were on the forefront of our mind.  We put the IRS allowable living standards into our IRS software so you don’t have to go look them up for each case.  As the case changes the software will update the standards for you.  So if you add a new member in the household or one leaves, you can easily update the software and see how it will change the clients options.


The software includes diagnostics based on your clients situation and offers suggestions if they are above or below the IRS allowable living standards.  We have seen diagnostics help tax pros save their clients thousands of dollars in tax when making an offer to the IRS.  Using IRS Software is like having a second set of eyes reviewing your cases before you submit them.


Using software to file an offer in compromise will save you time try IRS Solutions today!

IRS Solutions software can help tax resolution experts free up more daily hours. Learn the 4 Benefits of Streamlining Manual Processes with Tax Resolution Software. Get started in tax resolution today. Learn more about all of the features IRS Solution membership brings.

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