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New Wage and Income Transcripts Summary Tool Simplifies Transcript Analysis


In-depth analysis of wage and income transcripts is a critical skill for every tax resolution accountant and anyone preparing taxes. These documents paint a comprehensive picture of a taxpayer’s financial history – but comparing and interpreting them can be a challenge. That’s why IRS Solutions® is introducing the Wage and Income Transcripts Summary Tool, a groundbreaking feature that makes wage and income transcripts analysis faster and more insightful than ever before. Designed for precision and efficiency, this tool will transform the way accountants, enrolled agents, and tax resolution specialists approach the task. By offering a side-by-side presentation of income-related data, including W-2, 1099, and withholding information across multiple years, the Wage and Income Transcripts Summary Tool facilitates deeper, more insightful analysis, streamlining tax resolution and supporting data-driven decisions.



Wage and Income Transcripts Are Critical Tax Resolution Documents

In the hands of a trained tax resolution specialist, wage and income transcripts tell a story. Whether you’re submitting an offer in compromise (OIC), negotiating a payment plan, or attempting to transition an account to a Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status, a clear, comprehensive view of your client’s past and present income is the first step. The Wage and Income transcript is particularly important when dealing with cases that involve income verification, such as an audit, allowing you to present a well-substantiated case to the IRS, backed by accurate and comprehensive income details.



Wage and Income Transcripts Analysis: Then and Now

An IRS transcript is a summary of tax return items. It contains financial and tax-related information. There are five different types of transcripts you might find in your client’s IRS file:

  • Tax Return Transcript: This transcript provides a detailed breakdown of the line items from your client’s original tax return, including Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). 
  • Tax Account Transcript: This concise tax transcript offers essential information, such as the type of return filed, marital status, AGI, taxable income, and payment method. 
  • Record of Account Transcript: This is the most comprehensive tax transcript available, combining data from tax returns and tax account transcripts. 
  • Wages and Income Transcript: This transcript exclusively reports details related to income source and financial activities. They are derived from a wide range of tax return information, including, but not limited forms W-2, 1098, 1099, 2439, 5498, and IRA contribution information.
  • Verification of Non-Filing Letter: This letter serves as evidence that the IRS has not received a Form 1040 from your client for a specific year. 

Transcripts are loaded with common IRS codes that are particularly relevant to tax resolution, such as:

Code 140 – Inquiry for Non-Filing of Tax Return

Code 150 – Tax Return Filed and Tax Liability Assessed

Code 290 – Additional Tax Assessment

Code 420 – Examination Indicator

Code 480 – Offer in Compromise Pending

Code 520 – IRS Litigation Instituted (Freeze CSED)

Code 530 – Currently Not Collectible

Code 582 – Lien Placed on Assets Due to Balance Owed

Code 583 – Removed Lien

Code 599 – Return Secured 

The traditional method of analyzing wage and income transcripts is tedious  and time-consuming, often fraught with challenges. CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and other tax resolution specialists have to manually sift through individual documents for each year, a task that requires significant attention to detail and a considerable amount of time. That process brings with it a set of limitations, that impact the efficiency and effectiveness of tax resolution services:

  • Missing Data 
  • Human Error: Manually comparing data across various documents and years increases the risk of oversight. Inconsistencies might go unnoticed, leading to inaccurate conclusions. This is particularly concerning in complex tax resolution cases where a comprehensive understanding of a client’s financial history is crucial.
  • Information Overload: Taxpayers with complicated financial backgrounds may have extensive records that span several years, each containing a multitude of data points. Navigating through transcripts without a systematic approach can be overwhelming and inefficient.
  • Wasted Time: Speed is a critical factor in tax resolution where timely responses can lead to a successful outcome. The longer it takes to analyze transcripts, the more prolonged the resolution process becomes, creating stress for your client and limiting your income opportunities.

Fortunately, at IRS Solutions, we understand what it takes to succeed in tax resolution. Every aspect of our platform is infused with insider knowledge. The traditional ways of analyzing IRS transcripts had its purpose, but in an era where efficiency and precision are paramount they are becoming increasingly obsolete. Our innovative Wage and Transcripts Analysis Tool is specifically designed to address the limitations of those old-fashioned methods and replace them with a cutting-edge approach.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: The reduced risk of mistakes in data handling ensures that the analysis is based on reliable information, supporting more sound and informed decision-making. This accuracy is particularly vital in cases where precise income calculations can influence the outcome of tax resolutions, such as offers in compromise or installment agreements. 
  • Data Simplification: Every aspect of IRS Solutions, including our intuitive software tools, make navigating through complex data straightforward. We designed our software to be  user-friendly, which  not only makes our platform accessible to a wider range of professionals, but also facilitates quicker adaptation and integration into existing workflows. 
  • Improved Efficiency: One of the key benefits of the Wage and Transcripts Analysis Tool  is its ability to quickly compare and view any information that should be highlighted for discrepancies, or potential red flags and may require further investigation. By presenting the data in a coherent and organized manner, IRS Solutions makes it easier for tax professionals to spot anomalies, such as sudden changes in income or inconsistencies between reported income and tax filings. This level of insight is crucial in developing effective tax resolution strategies and can be pivotal in negotiations with the IRS.

IRS Solutions is a Tax Pro’s Best Friend

IRS Solutions is the only tax resolution platform made by tax pros for tax pros. When it comes to tax software solutions, we know what you need to succeed and the new Wage and Income Transcripts Summary Tool was designed with you in mind. By streamlining the analysis process, we help you offer a more efficient, accurate, and effective solution to your clients when they need you most. Ready to learn more? Schedule a demo today.


Suzanne Stone - author

Suzanne Stone

Managing Partner at IRS Solutions | Tax Resolution Specialist| Enthusiastic Community Leader

Suzanne Stone, Managing Partner at IRS Solutions Software, combines 16 years of expertise in tax resolution with a passion for community service.  She has been pivotal in developing software solutions that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of tax professionals. Beyond her corporate achievements, Suzanne is passionately involved in philanthropy, working with organizations like Soroptimist International and Project Delta. Her efforts in these groups are focused on creating meaningful changes in the lives of women and veterans. Suzanne is committed not just to business success but to fostering a supportive professional community.

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