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Tax Audit Software: An Accountant’s Crystal Ball


Few words evoke the same level of dread in the hearts and minds of the average American than “IRS Audit”. Just say it out loud…you can practically hear the “here comes Jaws!” dum-dum-dum-dum. Composer John Williams described those familiar tuba notes as “grinding away at you, just as a shark would do…instinctual, relentless, unstoppable.” Sharks aside, that’s just how the notice of an impending audit feels for most taxpayers.

The guidance you provide to clients facing scrutiny by the IRS is among the most valuable services you have to offer. Of course, grateful clients are happy to pay for your expertise and support. But what if you had the power not only to respond to a letter informing you of an impending audit but also to anticipate the IRS’s next move? With IRS Advance Notification™ (IAN) from IRS Solutions, you do, and it couldn’t be easier.


IAN is like a crystal ball that lets you see deep into the IRS. Once you’ve entered a client into your IRS Solutions database, you choose which of the complete list of more than 40 IRS Transaction Codes (TCs) you want to monitor for that person. You can even select all of them. The IRS Solutions system then looks for correlating changes to the client transcript and alerts you automatically when they occur. Those flags will give you the insights you and your clients need to prepare for an audit defense and other situations, including under-reported income, passport revocation, penalty and interest issues, and more.


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Suzanne Stone - author

Suzanne Stone

Managing Partner at IRS Solutions | Tax Resolution Specialist| Enthusiastic Community Leader

Suzanne Stone, Managing Partner at IRS Solutions Software, combines 16 years of expertise in tax resolution with a passion for community service.  She has been pivotal in developing software solutions that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of tax professionals. Beyond her corporate achievements, Suzanne is passionately involved in philanthropy, working with organizations like Soroptimist International and Project Delta. Her efforts in these groups are focused on creating meaningful changes in the lives of women and veterans. Suzanne is committed not just to business success but to fostering a supportive professional community.

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