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Tax Resolution Services Calculator

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Tax resolution can be a highly lucrative addition to your business. As you can see, if you picked up just one case per month, you could potentially increase your revenue by $60,000 per year. Below is an itemized list of common tax resolution services along with our suggested pricing:

IRS Research: $1,000
Notice Response: $250 – $1,000
Levy Release: $1,200
OIC: $5,000 (minimum)


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  • IRS Solutions Software helps keep me super organized and on track when working on my Tax Resolution cases. One of my favorite benefits are the timelined checklists which are created and become part of each case after you create a new client and input their information.
    John WaltersManaging Member, LeWalt Consulting Groupe, LLC
  • I had tried other programs but found the IRS solutions to be easy to use. The customer service was great. They answer promptly and walked me through any questions I had. The tools they have incorporated saved me hours of work.
    Debi ClemMeticulous Tax Service
  • I switched...and quickly came back when I realized how much more effective IRS Solutions was. Easy to connect to the IRS system and update plus provide a report to clients.
    Nicole Gaspard, CPA
  • Much easier to use than other solutions and all around good people to work with...They are constantly making improvements to their already great software product and take their product support very seriously.
    John WaltersManaging Member, LeWalt Consulting Groupe, LLC
  • Thank you for the use of your program IRS Solutions. I’ve mentioned your product and service to various tax professionals who needs a resolution program to assist in their work. I know each has their own preference similar to tax preparation software, but as a former user of a few competitors, yours was a wonderful change for the better - in use, functionality and cost.
    Rick JohnsonFrederick Johnson, Jr., CPA, LLC
  • I used the transcript feature today....very impressed how that worked. Thank you for a great product!
    Rick JohnsonFrederick Johnson, Jr., CPA, LLC

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