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Tax Resolution Blog

Tax Resolution Blog
October 5, 2015 Drew Foster

Our blog is written by Former IRS Revenue Officers, Enrolled Agents, and CPA’s to give the tax professionals tips on helping their clients deal with the most difficult IRS issues.  Whether you are helping a client deal with an audit, offer in compromise, installment agreement, currently not collectible, levy, lien, or other Tax Resolution issue, IRS Solutions Tax resolution software can help you save time and make money.

We host a monthly members only case study call in where you can ask questions or submit your case to be discussed by a Former IRS Revenue Officer and Enrolled Agents.

We wrote the software to help you deal with the IRS more effectively and efficiently.  Join us at IRS Solutions!

Feel free to search the IRS database.  Or Join us at IRS Solutions to get access to the software created and used by Tax Resolution Pros.

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